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Discover top-notch remote staffing solutions at Virtual Coworker, your partner to the best Filipino talent. We specialise in connecting businesses with skilled virtual assistants in a wide range of specialties, all rigorously vetted to ensure they meet our high standards.

Ease into the world of virtual staffing with our experts, ready to join your team on a part-time or full-time basis. From social media wizards and digital marketing gurus to customer support stars, HR specialists, recruitment experts, accountants, data pros, sales virtuosos, web developers, legal assistants, and more, our team is on hand to boost your business operations with their know-how.

What sets Virtual Coworker apart is our dedication to fostering long-term relationships. We’re not just about quick fixes; we’re about creating lasting bonds between you and our virtual staff, ensuring mutual growth and success. With a foundation of trust, clear communication, and professional excellence, we’re here to help your business flourish.

Meet Braden Yuill,
Our Founder

The inception of Virtual Coworker was guided by the visionary Braden Yuill, an entrepreneur renowned for his innovative approach to reshaping traditional business models.

Driven by personal insights, Braden sought innovative and efficient organizational strategies. He recognized the need for adaptability and a fresh perspective in today’s dynamic business environment. His dedication to enhancing efficiency without compromising quality has marked his career, leading him to spearhead the outsourcing revolution.

Braden’s exploration in the realm of business solutions unveiled the exceptional talent within the Filipino workforce. Their commitment, skillset, and professionalism became integral to his operations, offering superior services while affording him the opportunity to focus on strategic growth.

But for Braden, the venture transcended mere operational benefits; it was about fostering real connections and valuing the Filipino professionals as essential contributors to success. He admired their potential and viewed them as crucial allies in his entrepreneurial journey.

Motivated by his transformative experiences and the significant advantages realized through outsourcing, Braden was inspired to share this opportunity with other entrepreneurs. This led to the creation of Virtual Coworker, a platform designed to bridge businesses globally with the outstanding talents of the Philippines, epitomizing his commitment to mutual growth and the empowerment of Filipino professionals.

The Virtual Coworker Team,
Your Partners in the Hiring Journey


CEO & Founder


Chief Operating Officer


North America Account Manager


APAC Account Manager


Chief Marketing Officer


Operations Manager


Client and Staff Relations Manager




Assistant Recruitment Manager


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Specialist


Recruitment Associate


Web Development Manager


Client and Staff Relations Officer


Client and Staff Relations Officer


Client Success Specialist


Social Media Manager

Our Culture

At Virtual Coworker, we’re driven by a fervent passion for both our work and our lives. Recognizing that our role extends beyond merely supplying virtual staff, we see ourselves as enablers of business growth, facilitating the evolution of vibrant enterprises through strategic talent acquisition.

Our corporate culture is a reflection of our zeal to support one another and our clients. We encourage our team to surpass challenges and celebrate our distinctiveness. Our standout feature is the collaborative ethos among our teams, fostering a scenario where everyone achieves success together. We bolster this environment with inspiration, motivation, and optimism for what lies ahead, ensuring a cohesive and supportive atmosphere that benefits all stakeholders.

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