Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment & Hiring

Boasting a 94% literacy rate due to prioritising higher education, the Philippines ranks as the world’s fourth largest English-speaking nation. Its universities, both public and private, annually yield nearly 700,000 graduates, with half holding degrees in fields like business administration, marketing/communications, and a significant number in computer science and programming.

Simplifying the complexity of hiring offshore staff, we manage pre-screening, reference checks, payroll, and HR requirements to streamline your staffing process.

Our expert recruitment team leverages extensive resume databases and broad advertising across numerous job sites to connect with top-tier candidates. They also verify references prior to presenting a resume for your review, ensuring candidates with the ideal skillset and high performance are ready for your interview.

Virtually any role can be outsourced, especially those necessitating specialised skills, which qualified Filipinos can adeptly fill. This encompasses a wide array of outsourcing opportunities, such as web and graphic design, software development and testing, bookkeeping, customer support, digital marketing, lead generation, and virtual assistance.

No, our virtual assistant staff seek longer-term roles, with positions available for a minimum duration of one month.

Our virtual assistant staff will align with your preferred time zone. Full-time employees work for 9 hours, including a 1-hour lunch break, while part-time employees work for 4 hours daily.

Your virtual assistant staff are available to work from a minimum of 20 hours to a maximum of 40 hours per week. Overtime is also an option and is billed at the standard hourly rate.

Contractors are required to maintain a quiet workspace, ideally a separate room at home, along with a dependable DSL Internet connection and a modern computer.

Commute times in the Philippines can extend up to 2 hours. Working from home eradicates this lost time, ensuring a refreshed mind at the start of each shift.

We don’t supply a phone system for our staff, however, numerous VoIP phone services are readily available for easy setup.

Billing & Invoicing

Your initial invoice covers the remaining work days of the month and is payable before your virtual assistant staff begins. From the 1st of each month, you’ll be invoiced a month in advance, adjusted for actual hours worked previously. Automatic credit card charges occur on the 5th. Timely payment to contractors is essential.

Companies in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the UK are billed in Australian Dollars (AUD), while those in the United States, Canada, and other regions are billed in US Dollars (USD).

Our skilled recruitment team taps into extensive resume databases and advertises roles on various job sites to attract top candidates. They conduct thorough reference checks before presenting resumes, ensuring candidates meet high standards in skillset and performance.

We accept Visa and Mastercard without any surcharges. Australian customers can also opt for automatic direct debit.

You only pay for hours worked, with no need to cover sick days or holidays. However, you’re welcome to compensate staff for time off at your discretion.

The choice to have your virtual assistant staff work on public holidays is yours, though some may request time off for Philippine public holidays.

Managing Your Staff

Keep communication open as if your staff were in the same office by checking in regularly. Hold frequent team meetings to share business goals and motivate your staff.

Use online management tools like Google Drive and connect through Skype.

Employers often track employee performance with key performance indicators (KPIs), setting clear goals for the entire team.

All virtual assistant staff must use our time-logging software, logging in at the start and out at the end of each shift. It captures desktop screenshots every 10 minutes, included in a daily report to you.

All staff members are on a probationary period within the first 6 months of work, during which time you are able to terminate them by providing 7 days notice. After six months, 14 days notice is required to terminate.