How Can A Recruitment Assistant From Virtual Coworker Help Your Business?

  • Formatting Resumes for Professional Presentation
  • Publishing Job Advertisements
  • Developing and Refining Job Descriptions
  • Filtering Resumes and Conducting Candidate Screenings
  • Managing LinkedIn Profiles and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Organising Interviews and Appointments

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Price Guide for a Recruitment Assistant from Virtual Coworker

Virtual Staff Work 20 to 40 Hours Dedicated Per Week, Ongoing

Recruitment Assistants starting at $12 per hour

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Sample Recruitment Assistant Job Description

Job Title: Recruitment Assistant

Job Overview: We’re scouting for a motivated and meticulous Virtual Recruitment Assistant to join our team. Your gig? To be the backbone of our recruitment drive, taking charge of admin chores, lining up interviews, and reaching out to potential candidates. If you’re a master organiser, ace communicator, and can keep pace in a lively, online setting, you might just be who we’re after.


  1. Candidate Sourcing:
    • Dive into finding and pulling in top talent from job boards to social media buzz spots.
    • Keep our candidate pool fresh and detailed in our database.
  2. Administrative Support:
    • Set up interviews and ensure candidates and the hiring team are on the same page.
    • Tackle the paperwork and keep our recruitment files organised.
  3. Communication:
    • Keep candidates informed, schedule interviews, and keep them posted on their progress.
    • Keep in sync with the team to understand our hiring needs.
  4. Candidate Screening:
    • Conduct initial candidate checks, making sure they meet the requirements for our open roles.
    • Prep interview kits and candidate briefs for our hiring managers.
  5. Database Management:
    • Keep our applicant tracking system (ATS) neat, complete, and up-to-the-minute.
    • Create reports and stats to show how we’re tracking on the hiring front.
  6. Adaptability:
    • Stay sharp on the latest recruitment trends and smarts.
    • Be ready to shift gears when our recruitment tactics or tools need tweaking.


  • Experience as a Recruitment Assistant or in a similar admin role.
  • A ninja when it comes to organisation and sweating the small stuff.
  • Top-notch at written and verbal communication.
  • Up to speed with ATS and other recruitment software.
  • A pro at managing confidential info.

Education and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s in Human Resources, Business Admin, or a related area is a big plus.
  • Previous stints in recruitment or HR will have you standing out.

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