How Can A Social Media Manager From Virtual Coworker Help Your Business?

  • Crafting and Sharing Relevant Content Across Platforms
  • Managing Accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter)
  • Tracking Performance with Web Analytics Tools
  • Engaging with Target Audiences to Enhance Online Presence
  • Posting and Commenting on Industry-Related Blogs
  • Coordinating Outreach to Bloggers and Influencers

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Price Guide for a Social Media Manager from Virtual Coworker

Virtual Staff Work 20 to 40 Hours Dedicated Per Week, Ongoing

Social Media Managers starting at $11 per hour

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Sample Social Media Manager Job Description

Job Title: Social Media Manager

Job Overview: We’re searching for a talented and imaginative Virtual Social Media Manager to join our spirited marketing crew. In this role, you’ll spearhead the development and execution of social media strategies that bolster our brand’s presence, captivate our audience, and propel our business goals forward. The perfect candidate is someone who’s not just passionate about social media but also possesses a comprehensive understanding of the various platforms and has a knack for crafting engaging content. This remote opportunity allows you to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to hit our social media targets out of the park.


  1. Social Media Manager:
    • Craft and execute detailed social media plans that align with our overarching marketing and business aims.
    • Keep a finger on the pulse of industry movements and up-and-coming platforms to maintain a competitive stance.
  2. Content Creation:
    • Generate captivating and share-worthy content across a range of social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
    • Team up with our design squad to produce eye-catching graphics, videos, and other multimedia materials.
  3. Audience Engagement:
    • Engage our community by promptly responding to comments, direct messages, and mentions across social platforms.
    • Monitor social media trends and gather user feedback to refine content and engagement strategies.
  4. Campaign Management:
    • Design and oversee social media campaigns, promotions, and competitions to enhance brand visibility and grow our audience.
    • Analyse campaign outcomes, offering insights and suggestions for future endeavours.
  5. Analytics and Reporting:
    • Employ social media analytics tools to evaluate campaign success, monitor key metrics, and deliver regular updates to stakeholders.
    • Tailor strategies based on analytical insights.
  6. Collaboration:
    • Ensure brand consistency across all channels by working closely with marketing, design, and other teams.
    • Partner with influencers and industry peers to broaden our reach and amplify engagement.


  • Solid track record as a Social Media Manager or similar capacity.
  • Robust grasp of social media platforms, current trends, and best practices.
  • Exceptional writing and verbal communication skills.
  • Skilled in the use of social media management and analytics tools.
  • Innovative thinker with a flair for devising original content ideas.

Education and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or a related discipline is preferred.
  • Previous experience in a remote social media management role will be viewed favourably.

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