How Can A WordPress Developer From Virtual Coworker Help Your Business?

  • Expertise in Front-End and Back-End WordPress Development
  • Crafting Custom Themes and Plugins
  • Enhancing Site Performance and Ongoing Monitoring
  • Conducting and Overseeing Website Back-Ups
  • Creating Pages, Managing Content, and Providing Web Administration Support

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Price Guide for a WordPress Developer from Virtual Coworker

Virtual Staff Work 20 to 40 Hours Dedicated Per Week, Ongoing

WordPress Developers starting at $17 per hour

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Sample WordPress Developer Job Description

Job Title: WordPress Developer

Job Overview: We’re after a switched-on and enthusiastic Remote WordPress Developer to add to our lively team. You’ll be tasked with crafting engaging and user-friendly websites, with a hefty focus on WordPress—from theme tweaks to full-on custom builds and plugin wrangling. The right candidate will be all about WordPress, from bending existing themes to their will, to spinning up custom solutions that tick all the boxes. Working alongside a mixed bag of talents, you’ll help us knock out eye-catching and solidly built websites.


  1. WordPress Development:
    • Design, maintain, and keep WordPress sites running slick, with top marks for performance, security, and responsiveness.
    • Customise existing themes and create custom ones to nail down project specs.
  2. Plugin Integration:
    • Select and integrate plugins to boost site function and hit project targets.
    • Sort out any plugin issues or performance hiccups.
  3. Front-end Development:
    • Use knowledge of responsive design to make sure sites look and work great on any device.
    • Join forces with our designers to turn visual dreams into web realities.
  4. Back-end Development:
    • Keep the engine room humming with server-side magic, database know-how, and server setups, all tailored for WordPress sites.
    • Ensure the front end and back end are compatible for a smooth run.
  5. Testing and Optimization:
    • Give sites a thorough review to chase down and fix any issues, aiming for the optimal performance.
    • Tune up sites for speed, stretch, and a spot-on SEO game.
  6. Collaboration and Communication:
    • Be a team player with designers, project managers, and other devs.
    • Keep everyone in the loop with clear updates on how things are tracking, hurdles, and fixes.


  • Experience as a WordPress Developer, backed by a portfolio that shows off your WordPress wizardry.
  • Sharp skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • A good grasp of the go-to page builders and e-commerce setups in WordPress.
  • Knowledge of SEO smarts and website tuning tricks.
  • Ace problem-solving abilities and a keen eye for detail.

Education and Experience:

  • A degree in Computer Science, Web Development, or similar.
  • At least 2 years deep in the WordPress development game.

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