The Game Changer

What are your pain points? What is preventing your business from moving forward? How do you navigate through the ocean of endless day-to-day tasks and still have time to focus on the big picture?

These days, technical roadblocks and friction-filled processes are common obstacles for business owners. Everyone is always worried about the big picture but in order to reach the big picture we must secure each step along the way.

According to our data, there are five main pain points revolving around entrepreneurs and small businesses that everyone is facing. Let’s take a closer look at these pain points and consider some proven cures that small businesses are using today.

What are pain points?

Pain points are problems, issues, or challenges that entrepreneurs and businesses deal with on a daily basis. These pain points can be materialistic (no money, no funds, no sales) or fundamental (their clients or customers feel unappreciated, invisible, and unheard).

As troublesome as pain points are, they are often the game-changer and solution to your organization moving forward or even changing the industry. Time to get innovative and think outside the box!

Types of Pain Points

#1 Money

Not having enough money can have a different meaning to each entrepreneur and business. For some businesses, it means they have absolutely no money or funding. Others feel they do not make enough money in their business. Many entrepreneurs never do proper competitor research; thus, their pricing is not competitive for their products and services. Some have no idea what their ideal client is willing to spend. Another important aspect is the niche you are in. Some niches have a huge demand and profitability, others can have close to none. Do your research first and go through the points above.

Make sure you know the value of what you have to offer, what your competitors are charging, and what your ideal client is willing to spend.

#2 Time

It feels like nobody has time but quite often, we don’t. We have families, to-do lists, prioritized tasks, errands to accomplish, etc. Everyone experiences this but the easy way to get ahead of things and feel accomplished at the end of each day is to structure your day in advance, have your to-do list prioritized, and take the execution seriously.

Strategize and implement this into your workday. Results will begin to happen. Start following these tips and make the best out of every workday so you can eventually work less and be more productive.

#3 Limited Resources

These days, as entrepreneurs start their first business, there are countless free and paid resources available. Many think they can do it alone. They are “technicians,” focusing on what they do best and think they can build their business “on the side.” In reality, the side job is where the money comes in.

You don’t need to know it all and a company cannot function at its highest potential without a team.

#4 Goals and Expectations

Sit down, brainstorm and plan the next stage, next quarter, next year, 5 years, etc. then set specific goal actions. Track your progress and adjust as needed. From there you’ll be able to see how your goals perform and then take the appropriate actions. One step at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself. Enjoy the journey, no stress required.

#5 Know Your Why

Every so often, we experience the feeling of being burned out. We work long hours every day, and sometimes over the weekends too, in order to accomplish business goals, achieve milestones, hit targets, complete projects, and make money.

In the beginning, it’s essential to clearly define what your passion is in your business. Every entrepreneur and business owner plans on making money, but it’s your WHY that drives the machine. What do you want to create with the money? How do you want to serve others, what do you want to solve with it, and how do you give back?

As soon as you understand your passion you will never feel burned out again and that fire will motivate anyone you add to your team.

Clearly define what drives you in your business. Write it down and keep it where you will see it every day.

The Pain Point Cure

A fantastic resource that cures each of these pain points is hiring a Virtual Coworker. Once you’ve ripped the bandaid off and faced any reoccurring pain points, streamline your process and hire a rockstar team member. Start with one and go from there.

Virtual coworkers are cost-effective, allowing you the opportunity to use their expert skills and save money at the same time. They are ready to tackle your to-do list, manage projects, and handle tasks that have stolen your time from building the organization. Virtual coworkers are not just employees, they are team members aligned with your company’s goals. Collaborate and work together in order to move forward. The end goal is to create a better business experience for both you and your consumer.

Instead of looking outward to identify problems to solve and markets to serve, focus on your current frustrations. The unique solutions you come up with will have a natural market filled with customers just like you.

Cure your pain points with ease by hiring dedicated and skilled virtual assistants. Our expert Recruitment Specialists are eager and ready to connect you with your ideal match.

For more information, book a free consultation with our Team.

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