Why Hiring an Offshore Recruitment Assistant Makes Sense (Q&A with a Sydney Executive Search Firm)

Why Hiring an Offshore Recruitment Assistant Makes Sense (Q&A with a Sydney Executive Search Firm)

Name: Referee upon request
Type of Business: Executive & IT Recruitment
Type of Virtual Coworker: Full-time Recruitment Assistant


What does your Virtual Assistant do on a daily basis?

She started off doing some of the more basic admin functions any company has. Once I realised how competent and capable she was, we started giving her more complex tasks to do. She currently helps with search, formatting CVs, filtering candidates, CRM management, and is pretty much a recruitment consultant.

What problem were you facing that made you decide to hire a Virtual Assistant?

We were looking for a cost-effective way to increase productivity in the office. We were bundled down with administrative duties and we had recruited the role locally in the past with little success.

What were your expectations heading into the recruitment of this position?

I was a bit skeptical as I’ve never utilised offshore staff. I went into it thinking I would give it a shot. I thought it would be quite tough to find someone whom I could rely on like a normal employee.

How was the process of finding the right candidate?

It was a lot easier than expected! Virtual Coworker helped simplify everything from the moment we started working together. They do a full recruitment process so I was very comfortable with the candidates they were presenting. Virtual Coworker gave me three resumes of which I interviewed all three. Two of these candidates really stood out for me making the decision extremely tough. In the end I made the right decision and a year and a half on I haven’t looked back.

How has it been working with a remote employee? What processes have you put in place to efficiently manage and communicate with your staff?

It has been easier than expected! From day one communication was my top priority. She gets in an hour before me in the morning and gets the day planned. We communicate via Skype and email on a daily basis. Response times are extremely fast and I rarely have to correct her work.

How can a Virtual Assistant provide value to other Recruitment companies?

Having a virtual assistant helps increase the time Recruiters have to work on the money making activities; managing accounts, interviewing candidates and bringing on new clients. They really help increase your productivity and efficiency by taking away the mundane time consuming tasks.

How was the recruitment, hiring and setup process with Virtual Coworker?

Virtual Coworker made the process of hiring a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines a lot less daunting. The whole process was seamless from start to finish. They take your requirements, do a full recruitment process, and send you candidates to do final interviews with. They also provide you with the ability to reference check the candidate. Once hired, they handle all of the payroll and HR and are always there in case I need anything.

How much time and money has it saved you to have a dedicated virtual assistant?

I pay a third of what I would pay a local resource and I have the keenest most loyal employee an employer could ask for.

Any advice for recruiters looking to hire a virtual assistant?

Your Virtual Assistant will eventually pay for itself. My path started with the delegation of all time consuming activities that aren’t involved in revenue raising. Now, my Virtual Assistant pays for herself through assisting in candidate sourcing. We would look at taking another Virtual Recruitment Assistant on at some point in the near future.

The one piece of advice that was given to me was to make sure they feel part of the team. Because they are working remotely, you need to humanise the voice on the end of the phone. We talk regularly, share photos and know what is going on in each other’s lives. Added to this, a small monetary bonus for success goes a long way.

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