Benefits of Hiring a Long-term Virtual Assistant

Benefits of Hiring a Long-term Virtual Assistant

Organisations work hard to achieve goals through efficiency of time, outputs, resources and costs.

Outsourcing to virtual assistants provides many benefits to assist organisations to achieve these goals,
however it can be limiting when hiring project-based virtual assistants, as they are generally more taskoriented rather than focusing on the businesses’ long-term strategic goals.

Hiring a long-term virtual assistant gives organisations the convenience and efficiencies of virtual
assistants, however also provides the below benefits including better results, relationship building,
understanding the organisation processes, empowerment, and improved customer service, to increase
revenue and retain customers.

1. Better results through efficiency

Hiring long-term virtual assistants rather than project-based assistants increase efficiency through business outputs, resourcing and costs.

Outsourcing to a virtual assistant long-term rather than outsourcing by project gives business managers
time to focus on developing the long-term strategy to generate revenue and customer retention rather than focusing on the micro elements of the business.

In addition, long-term virtual assistants can contribute external expertise, research, and a range of skill-sets that may not already be present within the business. This contribution can save the business time on
implementing additional research, training, and other specialised foundations.

The provision of external resourcing in addition to the reduction in ongoing training and repetitive costs
associated with project-based assistants reduces ongoing business costs, which can be invested in other
revenue-generating areas of the business.

2. Relationship building

“Among the keys to getting outsourcing to deliver is developing a solid relationship with your [virtual
assistant]. In fact, this may be the most critical factor in long-term outsourcing success.” (Source:

Hiring virtual assistants over the long-term rather than hiring by project gives the business an opportunity
to build a stronger relationship with the assistant by understanding their skill-sets, knowledge and best
attributes to leverage best outcomes for the business.

3. Understanding the processes

Another benefit of hiring a long-term virtual assistant rather than a project-based assistant is that the
process only requires explanation once rather than by each project.

Long-term familiarity with business processes not only assists the business to focus on overall productivity rather than using the time to re-explain the processes, it also lends itself to additional improvements where the virtual assistant can use the time to introduce improved processes based on external experience and perspectives.

4. They feel part of the business

Project-based assistants are shorter sighted and view the business only as far as the specific project, rather than the business as a whole.

The advantage of hiring a long-term virtual assistant is that they have time to start feeling part of the
business and to become familiar with the overall vision and goals of the business. This enables the longterm assistant to align their work and outputs with the business goals and long-term business plan.

5. Empowerment

The next step from feeling part of the business is feeling empowered through a longer term relationship
with the business.

Through a long-term arrangement, the assistant has the ability to build trust within the organisation and as a result the business can empower the assistant to take ownership and move into more of a ‘consultative’ role.

6. Customer service

Hiring long-term virtual assistants gives both suppliers and customers time to familiarise and build
relationships with the assistant, naturally resulting in improved customer service engagement and customer retention.

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