Tips for Blogging during the Apocalypse

The global pandemic might not be a bona fide apocalypse. But with supply chain disruptions, employment uncertainty, and business operations turned on their heads, the future for many businesses is still unpredictable. It’s become more important than ever to capitalize on every opportunity.

One surefire way to do this is through blogging. Blogs help to drive traffic to your website and give you an opportunity to get in front of new audiences. When writing your blogs, especially during times where every click counts, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Focus on SEO Blog Content

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is critical in helping your blog get found via search. This means using keywords strategically and formatting your content in a way that’s easy to read. The easier it is for search engines to know what your content is about, the better it will do in the rankings.

If you’re not up to speed on the best SEO practices, hiring a virtual assistant with an SEO background is a great way to get ahead. Our virtual assistants are highly skilled in SEO and always on top of the latest trends and algorithms.

2. Write Blog Topics That People Want To Read

Your blogs are only effective if people read them. To increase your views, choose blog topics that people are actively searching for.

Even the best writing won’t get read if nobody cares about the topic. And blogs that aren’t read can’t do the job you need them to. Tools like Ubersuggest, BuzzSumo, and Google Trends can help you pick out trending topics to inspire your blog writing.

3. Blog Frequently

Blogging is largely a numbers game. The more you post, the more traffic you stand to gain. And the more traffic you get, the more active and authoritative your website looks to search algorithms.

Web traffic is one of the key ranking factors Google uses, so even click-throughs that don’t result in a transaction can still benefit you.

4. Outsource Your Blogging to a Virtual Assistant

Starting a blog can be a major turning point for your business, especially at a time when online visibility is key. But if you’re not confident in your writing or have no clue how to start an effective blogging strategy, a virtual assistant can give you a strong foundation.

Virtual assistants are a remote extension of your team. For many businesses, it’s like taking a shortcut to success because they don’t have to spend the time and resources training someone to write blogs or learn how to do it themselves. Our VAs have a wide range of skills, from data entry to research to SEO content writing. You can always find someone that best suits your needs.

We’re happy to assist with the heavy lifting of all types of SEO blogging, content writing for your website, or Social Media. Our expert Recruitment Specialists are ready to connect you with your ideal virtual coworker. Get started today! For more information, book a free consultation with our Team.

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