4 Crazy Marketing Statistics for 2021

4 Crazy Marketing Statistics for 2021

Did your 2020 marketing strategy get tossed out the window? You’re in good company: no one was prepared for the effects of a global pandemic. Many companies scrambled to pivot their offerings, adjust their messaging, and stay connected with their customers in every possible way.

Through all the noise, a number of interesting marketing trends emerged. Here’s a peek at four surprising marketing statistics for 2021 that can help to guide you forward:

1. Websites need to be redesigned every 2-3 years.

It might seem like only yesterday you redesigned your website. But according to a recent poll of 100 marketers and business owners, 62% agree that 2-3 years is the right lifespan of a website design. A redesign keeps things fresh and forces you to think about how to deliver a better experience to your customers across every device.

This is important, as the survey revealed that 57% of people say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

Key Takeaway: Build a website facelift into your marketing strategy every 2-3 years. Be intentional about the changes beyond aesthetics to ensure you provide the best experience.

2. Half of marketers say SEO delivers the highest return.

SEO is far from dying. In fact, spending on SEO activities has tripled since 2010, reaching nearly $80 billion! More than half of companies surveyed said SEO efforts give the highest ROI, including content marketing, paid search ads, and SEO. Also, local seo statistics, search activities were hot items of interest during the pandemic as more people were spending time at home and online.

Key Takeaway: As many businesses are closing or pulling back on marketing to save money, take advantage of lower-paid ad costs to boost your ROI even further.

3. 84% of people expect brands to produce content.

Content marketing is no longer a savvy strategy to get ahead of the pack. Now, it’s become something of an expectation from customers and prospects. In the aforementioned poll, 84% of internet users say they expect brands to produce engaging, helpful content. It’s clear that brands who are not meeting these expectations are fighting a losing battle.

Key Takeaway: Having a content strategy is an important piece of the digital marketing puzzle. This not only helps you deliver on expectations but also gives you a chance to differentiate your brand.

4. Video ads get 27 times more clicks.

People are 27 times more likely to click on a video ad than a standard banner. This is congruent with the growing trend that video consumption is doubling year after year and will soon make up 82% of all internet traffic.

Key Takeaway: Turn static ads into dynamic video content to increase engagement, clicks, and conversions.

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