Become a Lead Generation Legend

Become a Lead Generation Legend

Whether you offer digital marketing services, run a growing consultancy firm, or sell swords for the Battle of Winterfell (cue Game of Thrones music), no business can survive without paying customers.

Your quest, should you choose to accept it, is to connect with people who are already searching for what you offer. Once engaged, you’ll have a chance to show off what you do and what makes you the best choice.

What is Lead Generation?
The first part of this process is understanding what Lead Generation is and how to attract warm leads, so you are connecting with the right people. The trick is to find the right leads, the ones that turn into paying customers.

Regardless of your business, lead generation takes a reasonably consistent path: you develop content to attract interest and make your prospect want to learn more. Your leads provide their contact details, such as a phone number or email address, which allows you to “nurture” them with the goal of turning each lead into a sale.

The more leads, the more opportunities you have to generate revenue.

Lead gen has taken a substantial digital approach in recent years. Gone are the days where you’re forced to buy lists that may or may not be accurate or high-quality. Instead, many companies are taking more control in generating their leads based on content marketing, including webinars, social media, landing pages, and website contact forms, to name a few.

Target the Best Strategies
When customizing your lead generation efforts, you’ll want to answer two key questions to guide your decisions:

1. Who is your audience?
2. What is important to them?

Knowing these two details will allow you to target your advertising and marketing to the places where your customers are most likely to be.

For example, let’s say you’re a marketing agency that works with accounting firms or other high-end professionals. Knowing this, you might decide that LinkedIn is a great platform because it caters to professionals verse the general public. Using LinkedIn, you can find and filter leads based on their job title, size of their company, industry, etc.

Now, let’s say that the professionals you serve are likely struggling to get clients. Knowing this, you might develop content that shares different marketing techniques they can do or ways to help them create a unique brand.

To complete the lead gen process, you could offer this content for free in exchange for an email opt-in or other transfer of information. This allows you to start a conversation with them after they’ve read your content.

Optimize Your Website and Processes
It’s vital to have systems in place in order for your Sales Team to begin warming up your leads. These processes allow your potential clients/customers with a smooth and straightforward client journey.

To do this, it’s a good idea to establish the typical lead life cycle and the various touchpoints you make to move leads further down your sales funnel.

An excellent tool to help with this is automation within your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Automations have become legends in their own right. They automate repetitive, manual tasks that streamlines work and improves productivity. Automation of a CRM can encompass a range of functions across marketing, sales, and service activities.

The main goal of automation is to simplify the management of every external interaction and relationship that’s essential for business success. Automations free up time to focus on more valuable strategic work. Meaning, more time to find quality leads that you can target and add to your automation process.

Qualify and Nurture Your Leads
Not all leads you attract are going to be the right fit for what you do. It’s important to vet each one adequately, so you don’t end up spending time and money on someone who isn’t going to benefit from your services or otherwise turn into a sale.

One of the best strategies you can use to complete all of the above is to outsource your lead generation to a virtual assistant with experience in target market research, content marketing, developing prospect lists, or other techniques.

Our experts are available to chat anytime, and our Recruitment Specialists are ready to connect you with your ideal lead generation specialist. What are you waiting for? Book a free consultation with our Team and start your quest today.

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